10 Brands Like Allsaints: Get The Edgy Chic Look Without Breaking the Bank

So you’ve got a thing for AllSaints, huh? Who can blame you? With its modern, edgy aesthetic, this designer brand gives you the ultimate “I woke up like this, but better” look. You know, the kind that makes your friends ask if you’ve secretly turned into a fashion influencer.

But let’s be real, your wallet might be throwing you some serious side-eye with every swipe of the credit card. You adore their clothing, but you’re itching for options that won’t send you spiraling into buyer’s remorse.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve scoured the stores and online shops to find you 10 other brands that embody that AllSaints spirit: minimalist but edgy, quality but not something you’d need to refinance your car for.

These brands check all the fashion boxes you love: the leather jackets, the cool tees, the unique tailoring, but at cheaper price points. Yeah, you heard me, cheaper and equally fabulous.

If you’re looking to expand your closet without shrinking your bank account too much, you’re gonna want to stick around. Why settle for window shopping when you can actually own pieces that make you feel like a million bucks without costing it?

Trust me, by the end of this list, your closet and your wallet will be throwing you a freakin’ parade. So go ahead, scroll down and treat yourself to some new threads that are every bit as cool as AllSaints.

10 Brands Like AllSaints

In A Hurry? Here Are The Brands Mentioned In This Article

BrandWhat You’ll LoveWhat to Watch For
ZaraFast-fashion takes on designer styles with a modern edge.Quality can be hit or miss. Check reviews.
MangoEuropean flair with minimalist clothing choices.Sizing can be inconsistent.
UniqloHigh-quality basics that ooze sophistication.Limited edgy styles compared to AllSaints.
ASOSMassive selection and a great range of cheaper price points.Overwhelming choices; might take time to filter.
& Other StoriesChic European designs with a hint of luxury.Some pieces are a bit pricey.
AritziaFeminine touches on classic styles; think minimalism with warmth.A bit on the pricier side.
Club MonacoTailored, sleek, and mature fashion.Classic over edgy, so not as rugged.
COSArchitectural designs that are both modern and timeless.Focuses more on minimalism than edginess.
MadewellGreat for casual, everyday clothing with a hip vibe.More Americana, less Euro-chic.
Urban OutfittersA trendy, youthful spin on fashion staples.Quality can be variable, so read up before buying.

10 Brands Like AllSaints

Hey, fashionistas! If you’ve ever walked into an AllSaints store, you know the drill. That moody ambiance, clothes that scream “I’m stylish, but I don’t try too hard,” and those prices that also scream, but more like “Are you sure?”

Well, if you’re a fan but your wallet’s not, buckle up. I’ve found 10 brands that’ll give you that AllSaints vibe, but without breaking the bank.

I've found 10 brands that'll give you that AllSaints vibe, but without breaking the bank.

Zara: The Fast Fashion Phenomenon

Let’s kick things off with Zara, the darling of the fast-fashion world. Imagine walking into a store where you see modern, edgy pieces that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Yeah, that’s Zara for ya. Their clothes often feel like designer runway pieces that got a reality check.

But wait, there’s a catch. Quality at Zara can be a mixed bag. Sometimes you get a top that lasts for years, and other times you get one that fizzles out after a few washes. So, do your homework. Read reviews, maybe even say a little prayer to the fashion gods, whatever works.

Mango: European Minimalism Meets Your Closet

Next on the list is Mango. Now, imagine you had a fashionable European cousin who knows how to dress minimally but still turn heads. That’s Mango in a nutshell. It offers clothing that’s trendy but refined, just like that imaginary cousin I just made up for you.

However, let’s talk sizing. Sometimes, Mango’s sizes make as much sense as a David Lynch movie. So, double-check the size guide or prepare for a trip to the returns counter. You’ve been warned.

Uniqlo: Basics, But Make It Elegant

Who said basics have to be, well, basic? Uniqlo is the place to go for wardrobe staples that whisper “I’m classy” instead of yelling “I’m generic.” From high-quality T-shirts to tailored trousers, Uniqlo has got you covered.

Now, if you’re an edgy soul, you might find Uniqlo a tad too clean-cut. It’s not exactly the brand you’d go to for a studded leather jacket. But for high-quality clothing that doesn’t skimp on style, it’s a solid bet.

Uniqlo is the place to go for wardrobe staples that whisper "I'm classy"

ASOS: A Virtual Mega-Mall of Style

You know that feeling when you walk into a candy store and you just can’t decide what to get? That’s ASOS for fashion lovers. They have a monstrous selection of clothes, so you can shop till your finger cramps from all the scrolling.

The downside? Choice overload. You could spend hours on ASOS and still feel like you haven’t even scratched the surface. Plus, with such a wide variety, quality can vary. Keep those eyes peeled for reviews.

& Other Stories: Euro-Chic With A Dash of Luxury

Ah, & Other Stories, the store that sounds like a quirky bookshop but is actually a fashion haven. Think of it as the mature, slightly posher sister of H&M. It’s where you go when you want to feel a little extra without doing too much.

But, here’s the thing: while it’s cheaper than AllSaints, it’s not exactly a bargain bin. You might still end up parting with a decent chunk of change for some of their pieces. Plan your budget accordingly.

Aritzia: Where Femininity Meets Function

If AllSaints and your cool aunt had a baby, it would be Aritzia. The brand offers a tasteful blend of trendy and functional pieces that feel feminine without going overboard.

Mind you, Aritzia isn’t exactly the cheapest option out there. It’s not the place for bargain shopping, but for the quality and style you get, it’s often worth it.

Club Monaco: For the Grown-Up in You

Club Monaco is what I like to call “adulting fashion.” It’s sophisticated, tailored, and makes you look like you have your life together, even if you absolutely do not.

While the brand offers a certain level of chic sophistication, it tends to lean more on the classic side. If you’re all about that edgy life, you might find Club Monaco a bit too clean-cut for your taste.

Club Monaco is what I like to call "adulting fashion."

COS: Architectural Chic

COS is like the IKEA of fashion: Swedish, minimalist, and slightly confusing at times. Their designs often look like they belong in a modern art museum, which is either a good or bad thing depending on your taste.

However, COS is more minimalist than it is edgy. So, if you’re looking for that rugged AllSaints vibe, you might not find it here. But for sleek, modern cuts, it’s a go-to.

Madewell: American Classic With A Twist

Picture this: it’s a sunny day, you’re at a barbecue, and you’re rocking an effortlessly chic outfit. That’s the Madewell vibe. It’s rooted in classic American style but with a trendy twist that keeps things interesting.

But here’s the rub: Madewell leans more Americana than European chic. So, if you’re hunting for that Euro-edgy vibe à la AllSaints, this might not be your jam.

Urban Outfitters: Youthful, Trendy, and a Bit Reckless

Last but not least, let’s talk Urban Outfitters. It’s like the wild child of our list. You’ll find everything from retro tees to cutting-edge styles that beg for an Instagram photoshoot.

While it’s a fun place to shop, the quality can be a game of roulette. Some pieces will last; others, not so much. So, be prepared for a mixed bag when you hit that “Add to Cart” button.

Reasons Why You Might Look For Brands Like Allsaints

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There you have it! Ten brands that tick the AllSaints boxes but offer a range of styles and prices to suit every fashion lover and budget. Whether you’re browsing online or hitting the stores, you’ve got options. Now, go make that closet happy!

Reasons Why You Might Look For Brands Like Allsaints

Hey there, fashion-savvy friend! So, you love Allsaints, huh? I get it; the sleek leather jackets, the minimalist aesthetic, the art of looking effortlessly cool—what’s not to love? But let’s be real for a second.

You adore Allsaints but your bank account? Yeah, not so much. And trust me, you’re not alone. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time drooling over a leather jacket only to realize it costs more than my monthly rent. Ouch.

“It’s Not Me, It’s My Wallet”

Ever experienced the agony of leaving a store, not because you didn’t find anything good, but because your budget started shrieking in horror? It’s like the universe’s way of saying, “Look but don’t touch.” Don’t get me wrong, Allsaints stuff is gorgeous and top-notch quality, but not everyone’s wallet is in the ‘treat yourself’ mode 24/7.

“The Need for Something New”

And let’s face it, sometimes you just crave something different. If your closet starts to look like an Allsaints store, you might feel like you’re stuck in a style rut. God knows, I’ve been there, questioning my fashion life choices at 2 am.

“Okay, Cool. What Now?”

Seek the Look, Not the Label

If it’s the Allsaints style you’re after, there are brands out there that’ll give you a similar vibe without leaving your wallet gasping for air. Think Zara, Mango, or even ASOS. They might not be the real deal, but they’ll give you that edge you’re after.

Keep an Eye on Sales and Outlets

Hey, no shame in the bargain game. Some of my best finds are from sales or outlet stores. Sure, it might be last season, but if you look good, who cares?

Don’t Forget Vintage Shops

Ah, the gems you’ll find in a dusty corner. Not only is it budget-friendly, but you’ll also score some unique pieces that no one else has. Take that, fashion clones!

“The ‘You Do You’ Mantra”

Look, at the end of the day, your style is your own. If Allsaints fits into that effortlessly, go for it. But if you’re craving change, or your wallet is begging for mercy, it’s totally cool to look elsewhere. Fashion is supposed to be fun, not a cause for financial ruin.

So go ahead, explore brands like Allsaints and let your closet (and wallet) thank you. And who knows, you might find a new favorite. I know I did!