10 Brands Like Carhartt: Superhero’s of Workwear

Hey there, friend! So you’re a fan of Carhartt, right? That no-nonsense, rugged brand that’s got something for everyone. From men’s clothing to women’s clothing, it’s the epitome of workwear streetwear.

But what if I told you there’s a world of brands out there that are similar to Carhartt, some even cheaper? Yeah, you heard me right! These brands hit the same sweet spots, whether it’s fashion or construction work clothes. They’ve got that durable jacket you need for the job site, and those cool hoodies for a night out with the pals.

Now, before you jump out of your seat, let me break it down. These alternative brands have to match the Carhartt vibe in durability, workwear functionality, affordability, style and aesthetics, and ethics and values.

We’re not just tossing any old brands your way; we’re talking top-notch popular workwear that looks good and works hard. Trust me, this isn’t about replacing Carhartt; it’s about expanding your wardrobe with more of what you love.

So, buckle up, because just a scroll down the page, you’ll find a handpicked list of 10 brands like Carhartt that pass the test. I promise it’s worth a look.

And who knows, you might even find your next go-to jacket or a fresh set of workwear that makes you say, “Carhartt who?” Alright, I’m just kidding about that last part, but you get the idea. Dive in and discover something new! You’ll thank me later.

10 Brands Like Carhartt

In A Hurry? Here Are The Brands Mentioned In This Article

DickiesKnown for its durability and classic workwear look, Dickies offers both men’s clothing and women’s clothing at an even more affordable price.
CaterpillarThis brand isn’t just about heavy machinery; their construction work clothes are as tough as their machines. Whether it’s a jacket or boots, they nail the functionality aspect.
Levi’sBesides being a jeans legend, Levi’s also offers workwear streetwear that’s stylish yet rugged. They meet the style and aesthetics and affordability criteria, with some pieces similar but cheaper than Carhartt.
Timberland PROFor those who like their workwear with a side of fashion, Timberland PRO offers a range of hoodies, boots, and jackets that are as suitable for the construction site as they are for a night on the town.
Duluth TradingThey bring a similar flair to Carhartt with their focus on popular workwear that’s designed for both hard work and comfort. Their Fire Hose pants are legendary in durability!
WolverineFrom construction work clothes to casual wear, Wolverine stands strong in the durability and workwear functionality departments. Plus, they offer some pieces that are similar to Carhartt but even cheaper.
Red KapA go-to brand for workwear, especially in automotive and industrial fields. They meet the affordability and workwear functionality criteria, offering quality pieces for both men and women.
Wrangler RIGGSIf you’re after that rugged workwear streetwear look with a touch of fashion, Wrangler RIGGS is your brand. Their men’s clothing and women’s clothing offer style and aesthetics without the hefty price tag.
Stanley WorkwearFrom jackets to hoodies, Stanley Workwear is a well-rounded option for both casual and construction work clothes. Their products stand up to Carhartt in durability, and they even offer some pieces that are similar but cheaper.
Carolina ApparelThis brand combines fashion and workwear to create products that are tough yet stylish. They meet the style and aesthetics criteria, offering jackets, hoodies, and more that live up to the Carhartt reputation.
Red Kap: Great all-around workwear that won't break the bank.

10 Brands Like Carhartt

Let’s dive into the world of 10 Brands Like Carhartt, shall we? It’s like a family reunion, but with brands you might not have met yet. Carhartt’s your cool cousin, but now it’s time to get to know the rest of the clan. These brands all share the same Carhartt DNA in their own special ways. So buckle up, and let’s meet the family!


Ah, Dickies, the budget-friendly buddy who never lets you down. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, with quality workwear that won’t break the bank. And hey, you ever try their coveralls? Talk about comfort!

They’ve been in the game since 1922, so they know a thing or two about making clothes that last. Think of them as the wise elder of the workwear family. Their environmental commitment is commendable too. Dickies’ eco-friendly practices mean you can feel good about your shopping spree. And that’s what I call shopping with a conscience.


When you think Caterpillar, you might think big machines, but hold onto your hat! Their clothing line is like their bulldozers – sturdy and reliable. You need boots that’ll laugh in the face of a puddle? Caterpillar’s got ’em.

Their footwear line has something for every terrain. It’s like a 4×4 for your feet. And their women’s line? Finally, a brand that understands women work hard too! Caterpillar’s not just making men’s toys; they’re outfitting everyone for success.


Who doesn’t know Levi’s? They’re like the cool uncle who’s been rocking the style game forever. Jeans are their bread and butter, but they’ve spread into workwear like butter on hot toast. Their Workwear Series blends fashion with functionality, and it’s a match made in heaven.

Levi’s has been strutting their stuff since 1853, and they’re not slowing down. They even have a Water<Less collection, using less water to make their jeans. Talk about innovation!

Timberland PRO

Next up, Timberland PRO, the brand that’s like your adventure-loving buddy who’s always up for a hike. Not only do their boots make you feel like a mountain conqueror, but their clothing line is also equally impressive.

They’ve got flame-resistant workwear for when things get hot! Timberland’s also big on community service. They encourage their employees to volunteer, and that’s something we can all get behind. Fashion with a heart? Sign me up.

Duluth Trading

Let’s meet Duluth Trading, the brand that’s got a sense of humor and the quality to back it up. You’ve seen their ads, right? The ones that make you chuckle while showcasing their gear? That’s the spirit of Duluth, fun with a side of serious workwear.

They’ve got this “No Bull Guarantee” that says a lot about them. If you’re not satisfied, they’ll fix it. No fuss, no muss. Now that’s confidence!


Wolverine, the name alone sounds tough, doesn’t it? This brand’s like your gym buddy who lifts heavy but has a heart of gold. You’ll find quality in their leather goods, especially their boots.

It’s like walking on clouds that can take a beating. They’re also committed to American manufacturing. Wearing Wolverine is like wearing a piece of home. Patriotism never looked so good.

Red Kap

Ever met Red Kap? They’re the hardworking neighbor who’s always tinkering in the garage. Red Kap’s been dressing the automotive industry since the 1920s.

They’re like the vintage car of workwear brands, classy and reliable. Their Performance Shop Pants? A game-changer for anyone who loves pockets. It’s like having a toolbox you can wear!

Wrangler RIGGS

Say hello to Wrangler RIGGS, the cowboy of the bunch. They’ve got that wild west spirit with a modern twist. Their jeans are where it’s at.

They’ve got this “Room2Move” technology that lets you bust a move or climb a ladder with ease. And they care about the environment too. Sustainable cotton farming practices mean you’re rocking style and sustainability. Yeehaw!

Stanley Workwear

Who’s up for some Stanley Workwear? They’re like the trusty friend who’s always got the right tool for the job. You want variety? Stanley’s got everything from knee pads to winter jackets. It’s like a buffet of workwear.

They’ve also got this “Stanley Guarantee” thing going on. If it’s not right, they’ll make it right. Now that’s a friend you want in your corner.

Carolina Apparel

Last but not least, Carolina Apparel, the southern charm of the workwear world. They’ve got this family business vibe that makes you feel like part of the clan. Their quality and craftsmanship are like a warm southern hug.

Did you know they’ve got a “Made in the USA” line? Wearing Carolina is like wearing a piece of American pride. God bless workwear!

And there we have it, folks! Ten brands that share the Carhartt spirit in their own unique ways. So next time you’re out shopping, don’t be shy to say hello to these new friends. They might just have exactly what you’re looking for, from fashion to construction work clothes and everything in between.

Carolina: Known for their boots but don't overlook their clothing.

Why Look For Brands Like Carhartt

Ah, Carhartt, that good ol’ faithful brand that’s been there for us through thick and thin, rain and shine, workdays and weekends. But every once in a while, a little voice whispers, “Hey, what’s out there beyond Carhartt?” If that voice has been chatting in your ear too, then you’re in the right place. Let’s talk about why you might want to explore brands like Carhartt.

First off, let’s talk dollars and cents, or should I say, dollars and sense? Carhartt’s got quality, no doubt, but sometimes the price might make your wallet feel like it just finished a marathon. Looking for brands similar but cheaper might just give your bank account a breather.

You’re not being disloyal; you’re just being smart. It’s like going to a potluck and finding out there are other dishes besides Grandma’s casserole.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Carhartt’s style is like a firm handshake – strong and reliable. But maybe, just maybe, you want a little more flair or something that fits your unique personality. Exploring other brands can give you that style variety. It’s like adding some new dance moves to your repertoire; you’re still the life of the party, just with a new twist.

Levi's Workwear: Good ol' Levi's has a workwear line too.

Ever gone to the store, all pumped to grab that Carhartt jacket, and left empty-handed? Availability can be a buzzkill. Other brands might be there for you when Carhartt’s playing hard to get. Or maybe you’ve got your eye on something very specific. Those specific features you’ve been dreaming of might be waiting for you in another brand’s embrace.

And let’s not forget the heart and soul. Sometimes, a brand just clicks with your beliefs and values. If you’re big on the ethical considerations, you might find a brand that shares your passion for Mother Earth or fair labor practices.

So why look for brands like Carhartt? It’s not about abandoning an old friend; it’s about meeting new ones. It’s about finding that perfect fit, price, or principle that makes you nod your head and say, “Yeah, that’s me.” And who knows, you might just find a new hoodie that feels like a hug or construction work clothes that make you feel like a superhero. Happy hunting, my friend!