Best Brands Like Lilly Pulitzer: Expand Your Preppy Wardrobe!

You love Lilly Pulitzer—I get it. Those vibrant colors, tropical prints, and Palm Beach chic vibes are like a vacation in your closet. But let’s keep it real: Who doesn’t love a bit of casual luxury without always splashing the cash?

That’s why we’ve found some other brands that give you that coveted preppy style, complete with colorful patterns and floral designs, without making your wallet cry out in despair.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Does it have the laid-back elegance that I crave in my summer fashion?” The answer is a resounding yes. We’re talking shift dresses that make you feel like you’re walking on sunshine and sleeveless dresses that scream garden party attire.

Plus, these brands offer comfortable fashion that’s high on style and easy on your bank account. You’ll even find options that bring that socialite look down to earth with affordable resort wear.

So, why settle for one brand when you can diversify your wardrobe with styles that capture the same nautical themes and seasonal collections you love?

Keep scrolling to check out our hand-picked list of 10 brands that are just as bold and beach-inspired as your go-to favorite. Trust us, you’re gonna want to take notes.

Best Brands Like Lilly Pulitzer

In A Hurry? Here Are The Brands Mentioned In This Article

BrandWhat You’ll LoveWhat to Watch For
Tommy BahamaAh, the casual luxury and tropical prints are a dream. Also, it’s like vacation mode 24/7.It’s not exactly cheap, so budget accordingly.
J. CrewThe preppy style and seasonal collections will keep you coming back. They nail laid-back elegance.Sizes can be a bit inconsistent.
LacosteA go-to for classic nautical themes and that timeless socialite look.The aesthetic leans more sporty than garden party.
Vineyard VinesPerfect for capturing that Palm Beach chic vibe, plus bold colors to boot.A bit on the pricier side.
Kate SpadeOh, the statement accessories and floral designs are to die for!Sometimes, the styles might feel a tad formal.
Tory BurchExpect sleeveless dresses and a range of summer fashion that makes you swoon.Luxurious, but your wallet might not always agree.
LillybeeKnown for adorable colorful patterns and giving a nod to garden party attire.Limited range compared to others on this list.
Southern TideIf vibrant clothing and a youthful twist on preppy style are your thing, this is it.May not always offer the casual luxury you expect.
Jack RogersGreat for beach-inspired footwear that complements that Lilly vibe.Mainly focused on shoes and accessories.
SperryIdeal for those who love the nautical themes and want comfortable, stylish shoes.Not a go-to for a wide range of clothing options.

10 Brands Like Lilly Pulitzer

So you’re smitten with Lilly Pulitzer. I get it. The vibrant colors, the preppy designs, the laid-back luxury—it’s like a serotonin boost packed into every piece of clothing.

But hey, variety is the spice of life, right? Well, buckle up, because I’ve got the ultimate list of 10 brands that’ll give you that Lilly Pulitzer glow, but with their own little twist.

10 Brands Like Lilly Pulitzer

Tommy Bahama: Where Every Day is a Beach Day

Let’s start with Tommy Bahama, the epitome of that “I’m on permanent vacation” vibe. Whether you’re actually walking on the beach or just daydreaming about it, this brand’s casual luxury and tropical prints will put you right there. Imagine wearing a piece that’s like your favorite beach cocktail—refreshing, vibrant, and oh-so-relaxing.

But hold on, before you dive headfirst into this paradise, keep an eye on those price tags. While it’s not astronomically expensive, you’ll want to make sure it fits into your budget. So yes, treat yourself, but maybe don’t go too overboard.

J. Crew: The Sophisticated Prepster

J. Crew is like that friend who’s always put-together but never over-the-top. This brand’s got preppy style nailed down to an art. Think crisp lines, timeless patterns, and seasonal collections that make you feel like you’re walking out of a rom-com.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is sizing. It can be hit or miss. You might be a medium in one style and suddenly find yourself going up or down a size in another. So maybe, just maybe, try before you buy.

Lacoste: From Tennis Courts to High Tea

If you’re the type who likes to look equally good sweating on a tennis court or sipping an iced latte, Lacoste is your match. Famous for its iconic polo shirts, the brand offers a sporty twist to nautical themes and that high-society socialite look.

One thing, though: Lacoste leans more toward sporty than your typical garden party attire. It’s still chic, but if you’re looking for florals and frills, you might have to look elsewhere.

Lacoste: From Tennis Courts to High Tea

Vineyard Vines: Preppy with a Splash of Color

Ah, Vineyard Vines. It’s like Lilly Pulitzer and a New England yacht club had a baby. This brand screams Palm Beach chic, with its bold colors and high-end nautical designs. Seriously, if your idea of a good time involves sailing and champagne, this brand is up your alley.

Before you get too excited, remember that this kind of style isn’t exactly a bargain. I mean, you can’t really put a price on feeling fabulous, but your bank account might beg to differ.

Kate Spade: Florals and Sass

Kate Spade is basically your fashionable, cosmopolitan aunt. With a focus on statement accessories and floral designs, this brand knows how to turn heads. It’s like walking through a New York City garden—if such a thing existed.

Keep in mind that Kate Spade tends to lean towards formal. So if you’re looking for something to wear to a BBQ, this might not be your first stop.

Tory Burch: High Fashion Meets Comfort

Tory Burch is for those days when you want to feel like you’re strutting down a runway, but also want to be comfy enough to run errands. Yes, you can have it both ways! With a beautiful range of sleeveless dresses and chic summer fashion, you’ll feel like a million bucks.

Now, speaking of bucks, be prepared to shell out a few. It’s a high-end brand, so make sure your credit card is up for the adventure.

Lillybee: Preppy, Petite, and Personal

If you love colorful patterns and a hint of garden party attire, Lillybee will have you at “hello.” It’s got a cozier range, making it perfect for those who like their fashion served in small, delightful doses.

However, compared to other brands, Lillybee has a more limited range. It’s like the appetizer to your fashion meal—you’ll enjoy it, but you might want a bit more.

Lillybee: Preppy, Petite, and Personal

Southern Tide: Youthful and Versatile

Southern Tide is like the new kid on the block who’s cool without even trying. This brand offers vibrant clothing that gives a modern, youthful spin on preppy style. Imagine if your favorite college sweatshirt got a high-fashion makeover.

One thing, though: While it’s fun and young, it may not give you the casual luxury you’re used to with Lilly Pulitzer. But hey, it’s a great way to mix things up a bit.

Jack Rogers: Put Your Best Foot Forward

When it comes to beach-inspired footwear, Jack Rogers has got you covered. This brand perfectly complements the full Lilly look from head to toe, or in this case, from toe to head!

Just remember, they’re mainly focused on shoes and accessories. If you’re looking for a whole ensemble, you might need to pair it up with another brand from this list.

Sperry: Nautical but Nice

Last but not least, let’s talk about Sperry. This brand is your go-to for nautical themes in the shoe department. Whether you’re on a boat or just want to feel like you are, these comfortable, stylish options have you covered.

The catch? They’re not really your one-stop-shop for a wide range of clothing. But when it comes to adding the finishing touches to your outfit, they’re on point.

So, whether you’re a Lilly Pulitzer veteran looking to expand your fashion horizons or a newbie exploring your options, this list offers something for everyone.

What Type of Aesthetic Is Lilly Pulitzer

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What Type of Aesthetic Is Lilly Pulitzer

Ah, Lilly Pulitzer! You know, that brand feels like you walked into a tropical vacation, but make it fashion. It’s like someone crammed sunshine, palm trees, and a pinch of luxury into clothes.

What’s the Vibe?

The aesthetic? Think “Palm Beach chic meets Southern belle.” The brand’s all about bright colors, playful patterns—usually featuring flowers, animals, or other nature-inspired themes—and a general sense of laid-back luxury. It’s the kind of look that says, “I may be sipping champagne on a yacht, but I’m not above building a sandcastle.”

What Are They Famous For?

Okay, let’s get down to it. Lilly Pulitzer is iconic for its resort wear, especially its shift dresses. You know the type: sleeveless, knee-length, and often in a bold, colorful print that makes you think, “Ah, so this is what happiness stitched into fabric looks like.”

But Wait, There’s More

It’s not just dresses. They’ve got swimsuits, accessories, kids’ clothes, and even some home goods. Yep, you can basically Lilly-fy your entire life if you want to, from your wardrobe to your living room.

Why Do People Love It?

First off, the clothes are super comfy. It’s like wearing your feel-good playlist. Secondly, wearing Lilly Pulitzer is like joining a club, a really upbeat, preppy club where the initiation is just having a good sense of style and a love for vibrant colors.

The Takeaway

If you’re looking to turn heads and make a statement without saying a word, Lilly Pulitzer’s your go-to. Just know that it comes with a price tag that matches its high-end vibe. But hey, can you really put a price on feeling fabulous?

So, what do you think? Ready to dive into a wardrobe that basically screams “life of the party”?

Reasons Why You Might Look For Brands Like Lilly Pulitzer

Ah, Lilly Pulitzer. It’s like the sartorial equivalent of a summer day—bright, cheerful, and full of life. But let’s be real, as much as we’d love to drape ourselves in Lilly from head to toe, sometimes we find ourselves browsing for alternatives. “Traitor!” you say? Nah, hear me out.

Reasons Why You Might Look For Brands Like Lilly Pulitzer

Too Much of a Good Thing

Ever eat too much chocolate cake? Me neither, but let’s pretend. It’s delicious at first, but after a while, you start craving something a little different. Maybe you’re a die-hard Lilly fan, but your wardrobe is screaming for a bit of variety. It doesn’t mean you’re ditching the brand; you’re just taking a breather. A brief fashion fling, if you will.


Let’s talk dollars and sense, shall we? Lilly Pulitzer is awesome, but it’s not exactly “let me buy five dresses without checking my bank balance” awesome. A search for alternatives might be budget-driven, and hey, that’s totally okay. No one’s judging—well, your bank account might be, but I’m certainly not.

Weddings, Work, and What-Nots

Imagine showing up at a formal business meeting wearing a dress that’s screaming “I just walked off a beach in Florida!” Hilarious? Absolutely. Career-advancing? Uh, probably not. There are events and settings where the full-on Lilly look might be a tad, let’s say, out of place.

You’re an Undercover Rebel

Alright, here’s the thing. Lilly Pulitzer has a distinctive look, right? When you wear it, you’re making a statement. But maybe, just maybe, you’re in the mood for something a little more subdued—like going from blasting pop hits to enjoying an acoustic session.

Testing the Waters

Let’s say you’re a Lilly Pulitzer newbie. Committing to that aesthetic right off the bat could feel like going from zero to sixty. Dipping your toes into similar waters first doesn’t make you disloyal; it makes you smart.

The Sweet Sense of Discovery

There’s a certain thrill in discovering something new and awesome. Maybe you’ll find a brand that captures that Lilly vibe but adds its own unique twist. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Lilly Pulitzer is awesome

In Conclusion

So, there you have it. Reasons you might wander a bit but will probably always find your way back to good ol’ Lilly. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine. Your closet’s big enough for more than one love affair.