Best Brands Like Prana: Ethical Closet Without Losing Your Cool

So you’re a fan of Prana, huh? Trust me, I get it. You’re into that whole sustainable fashion thing with a side of adventure-ready gear. But let’s say you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to put all your eggs—or in this case, all your organic fabrics—in one basket.

You crave variety and options that still tick the ethical manufacturing and eco-friendly apparel boxes. You’ll be stoked to know that we’ve found a whole lineup of brands that’ll make your conscious consumer heart skip a beat.

You might be thinking, “Okay, but what exactly are we talking here?” Imagine brands that give you all those earthy tones you love and all-season styles you can’t live without. But these brands also bring something extra to the table.

We’re talking yoga wear that’s as stretchy as your favorite playlist genre, climbing essentials that don’t look like you just emerged from a cave, and urban casual pieces that transition from board meeting to boardwalk effortlessly. They’ve got gender-neutral options, vegan options, and basically every mindful consumerism option you can think of.

Why settle for just one brand when you can have a wardrobe filled with comfort meets style and recycled materials that are just as versatile? We’ve curated a list of 10 brands that cover everything from natural fibers to fair trade practices.

It’s like finding a new hiking trail that’s got all the scenic viewpoints and none of the crowds. So go ahead, scroll on down and let’s dive into a world of active lifestyle clothing that satisfies your ethical, aesthetic, and adventure cravings.

Best Brands Like Prana

In A Hurry? Here Are The Brands Mentioned In This Article

BrandWhat You’ll LoveWhat to Watch For
PatagoniaA frontrunner in sustainable fashion with a focus on ethical manufacturing and recycled materials. Perfect for those with an active lifestyle.Prices can be steep, and their all-season styles might lean more towards the outdoor enthusiast.
REI Co-opThe one-stop-shop for outdoor gear and climbing essentials. Their versatile clothing is a crowd-pleaser for any adventurer.While they offer a wide variety, their focus on outdoor gear means less urban casual options.
Under ArmourKnown for active lifestyle clothing like yoga wear, they offer high-performance gear that’s also stylish.Their focus on performance wear might lack the earthy tones and natural fibers you’re used to.
TNFA top choice for adventure-ready clothing and all-season styles that range from alpine to casual.They’re more specialized in colder weather gear, so their comfort meets style balance might differ.
EverlaneOffers a range of sustainable fashion that blends comfort meets style. Their organic fabrics are a win.They’re strong in urban casual, but may not be the best fit for heavy outdoor activities.
Chico’sGreat for those looking for vegan options and gender-neutral options. Their clothing leans more towards mindful consumerism.Not the best pick for high-performance active lifestyle wear like climbing essentials.
RoxyFabulous for yoga wear and surf gear, offering a unique blend of comfort meets style in eco-friendly apparel.Their range may be a bit limited when it comes to earthy tones and ethical manufacturing.
LululemonThe go-to for yoga wear, their gear is designed for an active lifestyle and tends to be highly versatile.While their yoga gear is top-notch, they may lack in other outdoor climbing essentials.
NxTSTOPOffers clothing with antimicrobial features and a focus on travel-friendly versatile clothing.Their active lifestyle wear is travel-focused, so not necessarily built for intense outdoor activities.
HereafterIf you love natural fibers and fair trade practices, this brand provides mindful consumerism options.They’re more focused on lifestyle clothing rather than active lifestyle or adventure-ready gear.

10 Brands Like Prana

Look, we’ve all been there—you find a brand like Prana that feels like it was made just for you. It’s like meeting “The One,” but for clothes. But let’s be honest, variety is the spice of life, right? So why limit yourself to one flavor of awesomeness?

I’ve got your back, buddy. Here’s a breakdown of 10 other brands that roll with the Prana vibe but offer a little somethin’ somethin’ of their own. Hold onto your reusable coffee cups, people; it’s gonna be a wild ride.

10 Brands Like Prana

Patagonia: The Eco-Warrior’s Dream

Oh, Patagonia, you’re basically the godfather of sustainable fashion. When you slip into their gear, you’re pretty much hugging a tree and saving a polar bear at the same time. They’re the pick for the eco-warrior in all of us, rocking that ethical manufacturing like nobody’s business.

But let’s get real. Your wallet is gonna feel it. You pay for quality and sustainability, which is great, but it’s not for everyone’s budget. Their all-season styles are killer but do trend toward the “I might summit Everest this weekend” crowd. Keep an eye out for sales if you’re on the lookout for a deal.

REI Co-op: Your Outdoor Playground

Ever walk into an REI store? It’s like an adult playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Wall-to-wall outdoor gear and climbing essentials, with some seriously versatile clothing. Seriously, if REI were a person, it’d be that super athletic friend who somehow makes sweat look good.

However, while they excel in making you outdoor chic, their urban casual options are limited. They focus more on the “I slept under the stars” rather than the “I slept in and brunch starts at 11” styles. So if city life is more your speed, the selection here might leave you wanting.

Under Armour: Sweat in Style

Under Armour feels like the tech startup in the active lifestyle apparel game. Their yoga wear is top-notch and can withstand pretty much anything your sweat glands throw at it. It’s like wearing an Iron Man suit but for fitness.

But if you’re used to Prana’s earthy, natural vibe, you might find Under Armour’s high-tech styles a bit too “futuristic” for your taste. The brand’s focus on performance means it doesn’t cater much to your earthy tones and natural fibers desires.

TNF: Adventure with Altitude

The North Face, or as the cool kids call it, TNF, is basically the James Bond of adventure-ready clothing. You look cool, you feel cool, and you’re prepared for anything, be it a black-tie event or a black diamond ski slope.

Here’s the catch, though: they specialize in cold-weather gear. So if you’re living somewhere where snow is more mythical than real, their comfort meets style philosophy might not totally line up with yours.

Everlane: The Hipster’s Choice

Everlane is like that cool, artsy friend who was into vinyl before it was mainstream. They blend comfort and style seamlessly and are all about that sustainable fashion life. Their organic fabrics will have you feeling like a walking plant.

On the flip side, they’re more cityscape than landscape. Their urban casual flair is fab, but if you’re planning on a week-long hiking trip, their range might leave you a bit underprepared.

Chico’s: Conscious Chic

Think of Chico’s as the wise elder in the realm of mindful consumerism. They offer vegan options and gender-neutral options, which is pretty rad if you’re looking to diversify your wardrobe.

However, they’re not your go-to for anything sweat-inducing. If your weekend plans involve more mountains than mimosas, their range might not quite hit the mark.

Roxy: Surf’s Up, Style’s On

Roxy is like the beach party of eco-friendly apparel. They’ve got the yoga wear, the surf gear, and the whole beach vibe down to a T. They’re your go-to for anything involving sun, sand, and sea.

Their focus, though, is more “Malibu Barbie” than “Mountain Ranger”. Their range in ethical manufacturing and earthy tones can be a bit limited. But hey, if you’re looking to catch waves instead of Z’s, they’ve got you covered.

Lululemon: The Yogi’s Paradise

Lululemon is basically the Holy Grail of yoga wear. If yoga were a country, Lululemon would be its fashion capital. With their active lifestyle focus, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that screams “I’m fit and I know it.”

The downside? They’ve got yoga and gym life down but aren’t really your go-to for more intense outdoor activities. So if you’re planning on scaling a cliff anytime soon, maybe look elsewhere for your climbing essentials.

NxTSTOP: The Jetsetter’s Gem

NxTSTOP is like the Swiss Army knife of versatile clothing, especially for you globetrotters. Their antimicrobial, travel-focused attire makes them a unique player in the active lifestyle game.

That said, their focus is more “around the world” than “around the trail.” If you’re more of a homebody or into super intense outdoor activities, this brand might not be your perfect match.

Hereafter: The Mindful Maven

Hereafter is like the indie movie you didn’t know you’d love. They’re big on natural fibers and fair trade, and they’re a sweet pick if you’re into mindful consumerism.

They’re not exactly the brand you’d pick for a Spartan Race, though. If your version of an active day is more along the lines of a Netflix marathon, then sure, they’ve got you. But for the adrenaline junkies among us, this brand may not hold up.

What Type of Aesthetic Is Prana

So there you have it, folks—ten solid brands that’ll make your closet feel like a fashion buffet. Now go forth and diversify that wardrobe!

What Type of Aesthetic Is Prana

Ah, Prana! If Prana was a person, it’d be that chill friend who’s into yoga, rock climbing, and maybe has a van decked out for weekend adventures. You know, the kind of person who’s equally comfortable in a mountain cabin or a downtown café.

The Aesthetic: Earthy Meets Functional

Prana’s vibe is all about earthy, functional, and sustainable design. Imagine clothes that you’d be happy to wear while doing a sun salutation on a cliff at sunrise, but you’d also feel comfortable in while grabbing a latte downtown. We’re talking about muted, earthy colors, functional cuts, and textiles that scream, “I’m both sustainable and stylish!”

Well-Known For: Sustainability and Versatility

  1. Sustainable Fabrics: One of Prana’s standout features is their commitment to using eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced materials. Organic cotton, recycled wool, you name it.
  2. Versatility: These clothes are designed to transition smoothly from outdoor activities to casual urban settings. A Prana hoodie could be your best buddy on a hiking trail and still make you look put-together for a dinner date.
  3. Active Lifestyle: They’ve got a solid range of gear that’s perfect for yoga, climbing, and just generally being active. But they don’t skimp on style either. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of clothing—good for multiple scenarios.
  4. Community and Ethical Practices: Prana isn’t just selling clothes; they’re selling a lifestyle. They’re known for their ethical manufacturing practices and sense of community among people who love the outdoors.

So, if you’ve been eyeing that Prana jacket or yoga pants, you’re basically investing in a piece of clothing that’s as versatile as your playlist—perfect for chill lo-fi beats and high-energy rock.

Ready to swap out those fast fashion tees yet?

Reasons Why You Might Look For Brands Like Prana

Ah, Prana. It’s the kind of brand that makes you feel like you’re giving Mother Earth a hug while still looking like the trendiest person on the hiking trail. But let’s be real: No relationship is perfect—not even with your favorite clothing brand. Maybe you’ve got an eye out for brands that vibe with what Prana is laying down but bring something else to the table. So, why might you be scouting around for similar brands?

Reasons Why You Might Look For Brands Like Prana

Something Lighter on the Wallet, Please!

Look, as much as we adore Prana’s sustainable threads and versatile designs, they’re not what you’d call a “budget” option. Sustainable and ethically made gear can definitely cost you, and maybe you’re not ready for that kind of commitment yet. It’s like going out for dinner and realizing the place is a bit too fancy for your jeans and sneakers.

Style & Aesthetic Variety

The earthy, functional aesthetic is great, but what if you’re feeling a bit more glam? Or edgy? Imagine this: You’re really into sustainable fashion, but you also dream of rocking a more vibrant or urban look that Prana’s earthy tones just don’t cover. It’s like having a playlist full of acoustic jams when you’re secretly craving some electronic beats.

Niche Specialization

Prana is pretty good at a lot of things—yoga, climbing, lounging around—but what if you’re into something ultra-specific? Maybe you’re an avid surfer, a mountain biker, or even a spelunker. Yeah, they’ve got a wide range, but they’re not experts in everything. You might be hunting for a brand that just gets your specific needs without trying to be the jack-of-all-trades.

Availability & Accessibility

Ever tried hunting down a Prana store or retailer near you, only to realize it’s like finding a unicorn in a big city? Or perhaps the online shipping fees make your eyes water. Accessibility matters, and sometimes you need something a bit closer to home or easier to click into your cart without feeling like you’re signing away your first-born.

A Fresh Take on Sustainability

Let’s not downplay how cool Prana’s ethical and sustainable approach is. But in the expanding world of eco-conscious fashion, there are newcomers offering fresh takes on sustainability. Maybe you’re curious about new innovations in recycled materials or keen on supporting brands that are doing something unique with their supply chain.

Final Thoughts

If you’re contemplating other brands like Prana, it doesn’t mean you’re cheating on your fave—it means you’re curious, open to growth, and hey, maybe a bit thrifty too. And isn’t that what being an informed, conscious consumer is all about?