Best Scrub Brands Like Figs: Revolutionize Your Scrub Game Today!

Hey, let’s talk about the Beyoncé of scrubs: Figs. This brand has set the bar high, not just in healthcare wear but in the fashion and apparel industry as a whole. If you’re tired of scrubs that make you feel like you’re wearing a cardboard box, don’t worry—we’ve found some killer alternatives that meet the Figs criteria.

We’re talking stylish scrubs that also happen to be comfortable scrubs. But wait, there’s more! Our list of 10 brands also features genderless brands, plus-size clothing, and even inclusivity to make sure everyone can look and feel their best.

Now, for those of you who think scrubs are all you need, hold onto your scrub caps, folks! We’ve got brands that take eco-friendliness to heart and ones that offer stain-resistant fabric because—let’s be honest—spills happen. But why stop at scrubs?

Our list dives into the whole healthcare fashion menu: outerwear, jackets, vests, underscrubs, loungewear, lab coats, socks, scrub caps, and even face masks. Yep, we’re covering you head-to-toe in style and comfort!

So if you’re in the market for a wardrobe upgrade that matches the Figs vibe, stick around. We’re not just throwing random names at you; these brands offer neutral pieces for those who like to keep it simple and elegant.

Trust us, whether you’re pulling a double shift or chilling in the lounge, you’re gonna want to know these brands. Ready to ditch the drab and embrace the fab? Keep scrolling, my fashion-forward friends!

Brands Like Figs

In A Hurry? Here Are The Brands Mentioned In This Article

BrandWhat You’ll LoveWhat to Watch For
JanuuHigh-fashion meets functionality here. Known for stylish scrubs and stain-resistant fabric.A bit on the pricier side. Quality and style have a cost, my friend.
Cherokee InfinityIf comfortable scrubs are your jam, this brand’s got you. Their fabric is like a second skin.Not the widest range in plus-size clothing.
White CrossBig on eco-friendliness, this brand loves Mother Earth as much as you do.Design might be too basic for those looking for something extra stylish.
DickiesSturdy and durable, these scrubs are like the 4×4 trucks of the healthcare fashion world.Not the go-to for genderless brands, as their lines are more traditionally gendered.
MaevnThey offer great neutral pieces for a minimalistic, sleek look.Limited outerwear options, so maybe not a one-stop shop.
MOBBKnown for inclusivity, they offer a wide size range including plus-size clothing.Fabric isn’t the most breathable, so maybe not ideal for those super long shifts.
Mandala ScrubsHello, eco-friendliness! These scrubs are made of sustainable materials.A newer brand, so less range in lab coats and underscrubs.
Healing HandsTheir face masks and scrub caps are to die for, plus the scrubs are super comfy.Limited options in vests and jackets.
Barco OneTheir underscrubs and loungewear options are awesome for those off-duty moments.Some people find the fit a bit too snug, so might not be great for everyone.
Grey’s AnatomyYep, like the show. Their scrubs are just as dramatic—dramatically good, offering full outerwear options from jackets to vests.They focus a lot on style, so if you’re looking for purely functional scrubs, you may want to look elsewhere.

10 Brands Like Figs: Your Ultimate Guide to Healthcare Fashion

Listen up, folks! If Figs is the Beyoncé of scrubs, then we’ve got a whole Destiny’s Child of healthcare fashion lined up for you. From eco-friendly brands to those that prioritize inclusivity and style, we’ve got the scoop on 10 brands that give Figs a run for its money. Ready to go from drab to fab? Let’s dive in!

10 Brands Like Figs

Januu: The High-Fashion Heavyweight

Oh, Januu, you beautiful, high-fashion beast! If you’re tired of scrub sets that look like they belong in a 1980s medical drama, Januu will be your knight in shining armor. Their designs scream runway-ready, all while being stain-resistant. Yep, you heard it right. Coffee spills? Bring it on.

However, Januu knows how to charge for its fabulousness. These are the Louboutins of scrubs, so prepare to splurge a little. Is it worth it? If you’re after high-quality stylish scrubs, then you’ll likely answer that with a resounding, “Heck yes!”

Cherokee Infinity: A Comfort Lover’s Dream

The brand Cherokee Infinity is like that reliable friend who always brings snacks on a road trip—just a straight-up joy to be around. Their material feels like a hug, and in the chaos of healthcare work, who doesn’t need that? These are comfortable scrubs, no doubt about it.

The downside? Well, their plus-size clothing options could use a little love. So, if you’re looking for a broader range of sizes, you might need to shop around. But for comfort? Cherokee Infinity is your go-to.

White Cross: Mother Earth’s Best Friend

Here’s the deal, if you’re into eco-friendliness, White Cross should be your jam. It’s like going to a farmers’ market but for scrubs—wholesome, sustainable, and you feel good about your choices.

But hold your horses. If you’re aiming to be the belle of the medical ball, these designs might be a bit too basic for you. They prioritize function over form, so if you want to jazz up your look, this might not be your first pick.

White Cross: Mother Earth’s Best Friend

Dickies: The Workhorse of Scrubs

Dickies is like the pick-up truck of the scrub world—sturdy, reliable, and can handle a heavy load. These aren’t your sleek sports car scrubs; they’re built for some serious mileage. Trust me; these bad boys can take a beating.

That said, if you’re all about that genderless brands life, Dickies might be a bit traditional for you. Their designs lean more towards conventional gender categories, so they might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Maevn: The Minimalist Maven

Maevn is the Marie Kondo of scrubs—it’s all about that minimalist joy! If you love neutral pieces, this brand speaks your language. Their designs are simple yet sleek, perfect for those who believe less is more.

One downside: their outerwear options are limited. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, Maevn might not cut it. But for that minimalist charm? They’ve got you covered.

MOBB: The Inclusivity Icon

Ah, MOBB, the brand that invites everyone to the party. We’re talking an impressive range of sizes, including plus-size clothing. They get a high five for inclusivity, no question.

However, a heads-up: their fabric is less breathable than other brands, so if you’re powering through those 12-hour shifts, you might get a little steamy. But hey, for the size inclusivity, they still score major points.

Mandala Scrubs: The Eco-Conscious Newbie

Mandala Scrubs is like the new kid in school who everyone instantly likes. They’re all about eco-friendliness, crafting scrubs from sustainable materials, and making sure you look good while doing good.

Being new, they’re still expanding their line, so their lab coats and underscrubs options might be limited. But for what they do offer? It’s a big thumbs up from us.

Mandala Scrubs: The Eco-Conscious Newbie

Healing Hands: The Comfort Crusader

This brand’s face masks and scrub caps are downright snazzy. And don’t even get me started on how comfy their scrubs are; it’s like wearing a cloud.

The downside? A limited lineup of vests and jackets. If you’re looking for a complete wardrobe from just one brand, this might not be the one for you. But for individual pieces? Healing Hands rocks.

Barco One: The Off-Duty Hero

Listen, it’s not all about what you’re wearing on the floor, right? Barco One gets that. Their underscrubs and loungewear are the real MVPs for your off-duty hours.

Just a quick note: their fit leans more on the snug side. So if you like a bit of wiggle room, size up or scope out another brand that suits you better.

Grey’s Anatomy: The Drama Queen of Scrubs

Last but certainly not least, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs make you feel like you’re part of a hit medical drama. Their range is wide, from jackets to vests, and the style is top-notch.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for purely functional scrubs, this brand focuses a lot on style, so weigh your options. But if you’re aiming to turn heads while taking vitals, Grey’s Anatomy is your go-to.

There you have it! Ten brands that can keep you looking and feeling great, whether you’re on the clock or off. Ready to redefine your healthcare wardrobe? These brands are a great place to start.

Reasons Why You Might Look For Brands Like Figs

Reasons Why You Might Look For Brands Like Figs

Ah, scrubs. That iconic attire that tells the world, “Hey, I probably do something important—like saving lives or taking temperatures.” But let’s face it, not all scrubs are made the same. Some make you look like you just walked out of a ’90s sitcom, all baggy and shapeless. Ever found yourself in a pair of scrubs that made you look like a hospital-issued potato sack? Yup, me too.

The Rise of Figs and Why We Care

Enter Figs, the brand that basically said, “Healthcare professionals deserve to look good and feel comfy too, ya know?” Figs changed the game with stylish, functional scrubs that make you look like you walked off a fashion runway instead of a hospital hallway. But let’s keep it real—Figs can be pricey. Your wallet might scream a little when you see the price tag, especially when you need multiple sets.

So what’s a stylish yet financially-conscious healthcare hero to do? Look for brands like Figs, of course! Here’s why.

Comfort That Doesn’t Quit

Remember those long shifts where even your skin begged for mercy from itchy, low-quality fabric? Brands like Figs understand the need for breathable, soft material that’ll get you through those grueling 12-hour shifts without turning you into a walking rash.

What to Look For: Stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric.
What to Avoid: Anything that feels like you’re wearing a cardboard cutout.

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Whoever said, “You can never have too many pockets” must’ve worked in healthcare. I mean, where else are you supposed to keep your pens, phone, ID, snacks, and the kitchen sink?

What to Look For: Multiple pockets that are actually functional.
What to Avoid: Fake pockets. Yes, they are a thing, and they are the enemy.

Fit Like a Glove… or Scrub

Ever tried doing CPR in baggy scrubs? It’s like wrestling with a fabric octopus. Brands similar to Figs offer a tailored fit that makes you feel and look good, without compromising your ability to, you know, actually do your job.

What to Look For: Scrubs that fit your body type without being too tight or too loose.
What to Avoid: One-size-fits-most disasters.

Affordability That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Let’s be honest, not everyone can drop a small fortune on workwear, no matter how snazzy it is. Some brands offer similar quality to Figs without requiring you to sell a kidney on the black market.

What to Look For: Sales, bundles, or discounts for healthcare professionals.
What to Avoid: Sketchy online stores that look like they’ll steal your credit card info and your soul.

“Figs-alikes” to Keep an Eye On

  1. Cherokee: Good quality without breaking the bank.
  2. Jaanuu: For when you want to make a fashion statement while taking vitals.
  3. Barco One: These scrubs are so comfy, you might forget you’re at work.
Brands like Figs recognize that healthcare workers deserve quality and comfort

Final Thoughts: The Scrub Life Chose Me

Look, scrubs are more than just clothes; they’re your armor, your second skin, and maybe even your weekend loungewear (no judgment here). Brands like Figs recognize that healthcare workers deserve quality and comfort, but they’re not the only game in town. So next time you’re scrub shopping, keep an eye out for those underdogs that offer the same quality without the hefty price tag.

Because the only thing better than looking like a healthcare superhero is feeling like one, too.