Best Brands Like Frankies Bikinis: Opinion Piece

Oh man, if you’re into Frankies Bikinis like I am, you’re in for a treat. We’ve dug deep and found some killer brands like this one that totally check all the boxes. Talking luxury swimwear, boho chic vibes, and swimsuits with those sought-after high-cut bottoms—these brands got it all. Trust me, it’s like stumbling upon a treasure chest, but for swimwear.

Now, I get it. We all love our Frankies Bikinis, but hey, variety is the spice of life, right? These other brands also know how to rock sustainable fabrics and mix and match designs, letting you flex your style in a whole new way.

Looking for something that goes seamlessly from beach to street? Or maybe you’re all about those designer collaborations and limited edition pieces? Don’t worry; we got you.

So why should you keep scrolling to find out more? Well, because these brands offer everything from seasonal collections to tie-dye prints, and even those cute ruffled details and exotic patterns we all secretly (or not-so-secretly) love.

Not to mention, some also feature mind-blowing cut-out designs that’ll make you do a double-take. Get ready to update your beachwear game with some serious style.

Best Brands Like Frankies Bikinis

In A Hurry? Here Are The Brands Mentioned In This Article

BrandWhat You’ll LoveWhat to Watch For
Mara HoffmanKnown for its luxury swimwear, Mara Hoffman also nails sustainable fabrics and boho chic styles.Pieces can be a bit pricey, so prepare your wallet.
SKIMSIf you’re into high-cut bottoms and limited edition collections, SKIMS is for you.Sizing can be a bit inconsistent.
EverlaneTheir sustainable fabrics and basic, yet chic, designs make them the Everlane of the beach to street transition.Limited when it comes to exotic patterns or ruffled details.
SeafollyOffers designer collaborations and a wide variety of seasonal collections.Some designs are less about boho chic and more classic.
OOKIOHThis brand kills it in the sustainable fabrics game and offers mix and match options.Less high-cut bottoms and more traditional styles.
The AtticoAll about luxury swimwear with some daring cut-out designs.Definitely a splurge; not for the budget-conscious.
Kona SolA go-to for tie-dye prints and ruffled details, making every piece a seasonal collection hit.Not the best option if you’re looking for designer collaborations.
Abercrombie & FitchKnown for boho chic styles and a variety of exotic patterns.Some pieces might feel too “young” depending on your taste.
AerieYour destination for comfy, mix and match options with inclusive sizing.Less luxury, more affordability, so less designer collaborations.
Beach RiotIf you’re hunting for limited edition pieces with cut-out designs, look no further.The styles can be a bit daring, not for the faint of heart.

10 Brands Versus Frankies Bikinis

Hey there, beach lovers and sun-chasers! If you’re a fan of Frankies Bikinis, then listen up, because we’ve got the ultimate lineup of brands that rival our fave, Frankies. From luxury swimwear to budget-friendly finds, there’s something for everyone in this list.

And yep, you guessed it, we’re breaking down what you’ll absolutely love and what you might wanna watch out for with each brand. Ready? Let’s dive in!

10 Brands Versus Frankies Bikinis

Mara Hoffman: The Conscious Bohemian

Okay, so you love Frankies Bikinis for their Instagram-worthy looks, right? Well, Mara Hoffman brings you that, plus a sprinkle of eco-consciousness. This brand is a heavy hitter in the sustainable fabrics game and offers the same boho chic style we all adore. A win-win? Absolutely.

Now, let’s talk dollars and cents. Mara Hoffman pieces are an investment, no doubt about it. You’re shelling out for luxury swimwear, and while it’s worth it, your wallet might feel the pinch. Consider this brand for those special occasions or destinations where you really want to make a splash (pun intended).

Lastly, the variety is great, but if you’re into high-cut bottoms, Mara Hoffman leans more towards the classic cuts. So, if that’s your jam, you might have to dig a bit to find what you’re looking for.

SKIMS: The Contouring Maestro

Ah, SKIMS. It’s like the shapewear of the swim world, offering high-cut bottoms that really show off those legs. If you’re looking for something that accentuates your curves like a limited edition masterpiece, this brand has got you covered.

But here’s the kicker: the sizing can be like a Rubik’s Cube. It’s not always super consistent, and the last thing you want is a swimsuit that feels like a straightjacket. So, maybe order a couple of sizes and do a little fashion show in your living room.

What sets SKIMS apart from Frankies Bikinis? Well, SKIMS offers more neutral tones and is less about the exotic patterns and more about silhouette. If you’re all about that minimalist look, this is your go-to.

Everlane: The Minimalist’s Dream

Everlane is like the quiet, reliable friend who always has a bottle opener when you need one. No fuss, no frills, just good quality sustainable fabrics. Plus, their pieces easily transition from beach to street, making them super versatile.

But if you’re a fan of Frankies Bikinis for their bold tie-dye prints or ruffled details, you might find Everlane’s collection a bit muted. It’s more about solid colors and less about screaming “Look at me!” from across the beach.

Here’s the thing, though. While Frankies Bikinis lets you unleash your inner diva, Everlane is perfect for those days when you just wanna blend in and soak up the sun. It’s all about what mood you’re in, ya know?

Everlane: The Minimalist's Dream

Seafolly: The Aussie Invasion

Let’s talk Seafolly. If you’re in the market for designer collaborations and a range of seasonal collections, this Aussie brand has you sorted. Plus, they offer a wide range of sizes, so it’s a party everyone’s invited to.

Now, in terms of style, it’s a bit different than Frankies Bikinis. Think less boho chic and more classic beach vibes. Not a deal-breaker, but if you’re in love with the Frankies aesthetic, it’s something to keep in mind.

Another heads-up: Seafolly’s price range is kinda all over the place. You’ll find both budget-friendly and splurge-worthy options. So, take a deep breath before you dive into that online catalog.

OOKIOH: The Eco Warrior

Remember how your mom used to say, “Waste not, want not”? Well, OOKIOH took that advice seriously. This brand is all about sustainable fabrics and offering mix and match options that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the planet.

Unlike Frankies Bikinis, which offers a lot of high-cut bottoms and skimpy designs, OOKIOH leans more towards classic, fuller-coverage styles. So, if you’re looking to show a little less skin, this could be your match.

But if you’re craving those intricate cut-out designs, OOKIOH may not be the go-to. It’s less about turning heads and more about saving the planet, one bikini at a time.

The Attico: Where Luxury Meets Daring

If you’re one to spare no expense when it comes to looking fab, then you’ll want to check out The Attico. Known for its luxury swimwear, this brand takes cut-out designs to a whole new level. I mean, some of these pieces belong in an art gallery.

Now, let’s get real. The Attico is not for the faint of heart or the light of wallet. If Frankies Bikinis is a splurge, then The Attico is a whole payday. But hey, sometimes you gotta treat yourself, right?

Here’s the thing: while both Frankies and The Attico serve up luxury, The Attico is less about the laid-back boho chic vibe and more about runway glam. So if you’re trying to make a serious statement, this brand’s got your back.

Kona Sol: The Budget-Friendly Gem

So you love the idea of seasonal collections and tie-dye prints, but your bank account is giving you the side-eye? Enter Kona Sol. It offers those ruffled details and fun patterns but at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s the catch. Don’t expect designer collaborations or super high-end materials. You get what you pay for, but honestly, sometimes that’s exactly what you need—a cute, affordable option for a weekend beach trip.

Compared to Frankies Bikinis, Kona Sol is like the fun, down-to-earth cousin who doesn’t need designer labels to have a good time. It’s your go-to when you’re looking for fun over flair.

Kona Sol: The Budget-Friendly Gem

Abercrombie & Fitch: The Youthful All-Rounder

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Abercrombie & Fitch? Really? But hear me out. This isn’t just for the high-school crowd. They’ve got some pretty rad boho chic styles and exotic patterns that can rival Frankies any day of the week.

The one thing to consider is that some of their pieces might come off as a bit “young.” But let’s be honest, age is just a number, and if you dig it, go for it.

In contrast to Frankies Bikinis, Abercrombie & Fitch is less about the luxury swimwear and more about accessibility. If you’re looking for something youthful but still stylish, give it a go.

Aerie: The Inclusive Trendsetter

Now, if you’re all about those mix and match options and inclusive sizing, Aerie is your jam. They’ve got a range that goes from XS to XXL, so it’s a beach party everyone can join.

But let’s be straight—Aerie is more about comfort than designer collaborations or limited editions. You’re going for something that feels good on the skin, even if it’s not going to land you in a fashion mag.

How does it stack up against Frankies Bikinis? Well, it’s like comparing a cocktail party to a cozy movie night. Both are awesome; it just depends on what you’re in the mood for.

Beach Riot: The Daring Diva

Last but definitely not least, let’s talk Beach Riot. If you’re on the hunt for limited edition pieces and bold cut-out designs, this brand is gonna make your heart sing.

But just a heads up: their styles are not for the faint of heart. Think bold, think daring, think “I came to slay, not to play.” So if you’re shy about showing some skin, this might be a bit much.

What makes it different from Frankies Bikinis? Well, while Frankies offers a balance of cute and sexy, Beach Riot is all about that wow factor. If you want to be the center of attention, this brand is your spotlight.

Whether you're a Frankies Bikinis loyalist or just itching to try something new, these ten brands offer a little something for everyone

Phew! We’ve covered a lot, but it’s all for the love of swimwear, am I right? Whether you’re a Frankies Bikinis loyalist or just itching to try something new, these ten brands offer a little something for everyone. So go ahead, take your pick and hit that beach like the goddess you are!

What Type of Aesthetic Is Frankies Bikinis?

Ah, Frankies Bikinis. Just hearing the name conjures images of Instagram-perfect beaches, sun-kissed skin, and, of course, those iconic boho chic vibes. You know what I’m talking about: the tie-dye prints, the ruffled details, and the sort of effortless cool that makes you want to drop everything and head for the nearest body of water. This brand has an aesthetic that screams young, fun, and eternally sunkissed.

But let’s go a bit deeper, shall we? Frankies Bikinis is more than just your run-of-the-mill luxury swimwear. They are also big on designer collaborations and seasonal collections. Ever seen a swimsuit and thought, “Oh, I’ve gotta have it,” only to find out it’s already sold out?

Yep, that’s the magic of their limited edition pieces. They make you feel like you’re part of an exclusive club, even if that club is just you, your besties, and a couple of cocktails by the pool.

So, how does Frankies Bikinis stand out in a sea of swimwear options? Well, it’s all about that blend of high-end fashion and youthful whimsy. While some brands are all about the cut-out designs or the exotic patterns, Frankies strikes a balance.

It offers just enough flair to make you feel like a celeb but not so much that you’re worried about wardrobe malfunctions while doing a cannonball. In short, if you’re looking to feel like the queen of summer without trying too hard, Frankies Bikinis has got your back. Or, you know, your bikini-clad backside.

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Reasons Why You Might Look For Brands Like Frankies Bikinis

Let’s get real. You adore Frankies Bikinis. I mean, who wouldn’t? Their boho chic styles, the cute ruffled details, and let’s not forget those to-die-for limited edition releases.

But even though you’re a fan, there might be some moments when you’re browsing the ‘gram and think, “Maybe there’s more out there for me.” Don’t feel guilty; it’s a swimwear jungle out there, and sometimes you gotta explore.

First up, the budget. Look, Frankies is fab, but it’s also what I’d call an investment in your summer happiness. You’re talking luxury swimwear, and while their designer collaborations are drool-worthy, they can also leave your wallet a bit, well, parched.

Maybe you’re saving for a big trip, or perhaps you want a variety of styles without taking out a small loan. Whatever the reason, money can be a factor, and it’s okay to admit it.

Now let’s talk variety. As cool as Frankies is, they have a particular vibe. Maybe you’re craving something a bit different—something more exotic or perhaps a bit more conservative.

Maybe you want to dip your toe into different seasonal collections without committing to one particular style. The heart wants what the heart wants, and maybe your heart’s in the mood for an aesthetic buffet.

So, if you’re thinking of branching out from your beloved Frankies Bikinis, you’re not a traitor to the cause. Think of it as expanding your horizons or diversifying your bikini portfolio. After all, variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to looking drop-dead gorgeous on the beach.