10 Streetwear Brands That Rival Stussy

Streetwear culture has always been about breaking the mold and going against the mainstream. Brands like Stussy have defined this rebellious and creative spirit, attracting an entire generation that thrives on uniqueness.

Now, the hunt is on for upcoming brands that can capture the same essence, but cheaper. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about resonating with the underground vibe and rocking those outfits like you mean it.

The best way to find these fresh, underground brands is by keeping an eye on those five criteria we talked about. Remember, we’re looking for that urban streetwear aesthetic, quality materials, a sense of rebellion, collaborations, and an affordable price range.

And don’t worry, there’s a treasure trove of brands out there meeting these standards, bringing that Stussy feel to a new level. I mean, who wouldn’t want to look cool without emptying their wallets?

So, whether you’re a skateboarder, a hip-hop enthusiast, or just someone who loves to express themselves through clothing, the world is full of exciting, upcoming brands ready to match those Stussy vibes.

The best part? It’s all about exploring and discovering something new that resonates with you. So hit the streets, dive into the underground, and make some fashionable magic happen. Because, let’s face it, being trendy is great, but cheaper options with the same oomph? Now, that’s the real win!

 looking to expand your wardrobe with brands like Stussy?

In A Hurry? Here Are The Brands Mentioned In This Article

ObeyKnown for its urban streetwear aesthetic, Obey offers bold designs and quality materials without being heavy on the pocket. It’s like Stussy, but cheaper!
HUFWith a skateboard culture vibe and a keen eye for collaboration, HUF captures that Stussy rebelliousness in its streetwear.
SupremeAlthough not always the cheapest, Supreme masters the art of limited editions and unique drops. If you love Stussy, you might find Supreme irresistibly cool.
ThrasherThrasher is synonymous with skate culture. If you’re looking for durable, underground vibes, this brand brings quality at its best.
The HundredsA touch of the underground and loads of creativity, The Hundreds mirrors Stussy in its approach to streetwear, but with an extra sprinkle of freshness.
Diamond Supply Co.This upcoming brand mixes skate culture with a dash of luxury. If you want that Stussy feel but cheaper, look no further.
Carhartt WIPKnown for its workwear turned streetwear, Carhartt WIP is all about quality materials and that tough, rebellious streak.
PalacePalace is making waves in the streetwear scene with its unique prints and collaborations, capturing the essence of Stussy in its designs.
RipndipWant to wear a cat flipping the bird? Ripndip is your go-to for bold and humorous designs that resonate with the Stussy crowd.
10.DeepEmbracing the underground culture with its diverse designs, 10.Deep offers some of the best streetwear that’s like Stussy but with its unique twist.

Okay, let’s look at these brands in more detail…

The Hundreds: Community-driven with a touch of activism

10 Brands Like Stussy

Hey there, fellow fashion enthusiast! Ever found yourself loving the vibe of Stussy but curious to see what else is out there? I mean, we all love our go-to flavors, but sometimes the taste buds of our style crave something new, right? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey to discover 10 Brands Like Stussy. Trust me, it’s going to be a stylish ride!

Obey: The Rebellion’s New Face

Obey is like that friend who always knows where the best underground parties are. They’ve captured the essence of Stussy with an urban flair that screams rebellion. But hold on, it’s Stussy, but cheaper! That’s right, you get all the coolness without emptying your wallet. If you’ve ever craved the Stussy style but needed it to be a bit more budget-friendly, Obey is your ticket to fashion town.

HUF: Skater’s Paradise

Skateboarding, streetwear, and that rebellious spirit? Sounds like Stussy, doesn’t it? Well, HUF takes it up a notch. They’ve got this way of making you feel like you’re part of a special skateboarding club. Durable, trendy, and unmistakably Stussy-esque, HUF is a go-to for anyone looking to ride the wave of style without losing a grip on quality. Whether you skate or not, you’ll be gliding through fashion with ease.

Supreme: Unapologetically Cool

Ever walked into a room and knew you were the coolest one there? That’s what wearing Supreme feels like. They’ve taken the Stussy playbook and added some extra spice. Yes, it’s not always the cheapest option, but sometimes quality demands its price. If Stussy resonates with you but you’re looking for a more exclusive vibe, Supreme’s limited editions might just be your new love.

Thrasher: Wear the Ramp

When you think skate culture, Thrasher is the brand that likely comes to mind. It’s Stussy’s tough sibling, ready to hit the ramps and make a statement. With an underground feel and a dedication to quality, Thrasher offers some of the best streetwear for those who want to stand out while fitting in. Grab your board and rock that Thrasher tee; you’re part of the club now.

The Hundreds: A Fresh Wave

The Hundreds is like meeting an old friend who’s gone through an amazing transformation. They’ve embraced the Stussy vibe but with a sprinkle of something new and exciting. Bold, creative, and resonating with the underground, The Hundreds is perfect for those looking to explore fresh territories in streetwear. It’s a walk on the wild side, with a hint of familiarity.

Diamond Supply Co.: Luxury Meets Street

Combining skate culture with a dash of luxury, Diamond Supply Co. is the upcoming star that’s capturing attention. It’s the Stussy feel, but cheaper, and with a sparkle of its own. Quality materials, innovative designs, and a unique twist on streetwear make this brand a must-try. If you’ve been rocking Stussy but crave a bit of bling, Diamond Supply Co. might just be your gem.

Carhartt WIP: Tough Love

Workwear turned streetwear? Carhartt WIP is all about that transition. It’s like taking Stussy’s rebellion and adding a layer of ruggedness. Quality, toughness, and that urban aesthetic we all love about Stussy are all present here. If you want to look good while feeling invincible, Carhartt WIP has got your back.

Palace: Streetwear Royalty

Palace is making waves, literally! With unique prints and that edgy streetwear vibe, they’ve captured the essence of Stussy in every stitch. It’s all about making a statement without saying a word. If you’re a fan of Stussy but want to explore the kingdom of streetwear further, Palace might just be your crowning glory.

Ripndip: Bold, Humorous, Unapologetic

Wear a cat flipping the bird? That’s Ripndip for you! With a style that resonates with the Stussy crowd, this brand is all about being bold, humorous, and a tad bit naughty. If you want to express yourself in the most unfiltered way, Ripndip’s unique and daring designs might just be your perfect match. Go on, wear that cat, and wear it proudly!

10.Deep: Diverse and Underground

Last but not least, 10.Deep takes us into the deepest trenches of underground culture. With diverse designs and a vibe that’s unmistakably like Stussy, this is the treasure at the end of our hunt. Embracing variety and offering some of the best streetwear, 10.Deep is like discovering a secret fashion haven. Dive in, and let your style soar.

There you have it, fellow fashion explorers! A whole new world of brands that feel like Stussy, but each with its unique twist. It’s like a never-ending fashion buffet, and your plate’s just waiting to be filled. Happy hunting, and may your wardrobe be as unique as you are!

Thrasher: Thrasher's clothing line is as rad as its pages

Why Look For Brands Like Stussy

Stussy, the name that’s become synonymous with street culture and style, has carved its niche in the urban fashion landscape. But like the best playlist that’s played on repeat one too many times, some folks might find themselves yearning for a remix. Here’s why looking for brands like Stussy makes perfect sense, even if you’re a die-hard fan.

1. More Fashion, Less Money (But Cheaper, Always Better): Ah, who doesn’t love looking cool without emptying their pockets? The hunt for alternatives means getting that Stussy style, but cheaper. It’s like enjoying a gourmet burger without the gourmet price. Delish!

2. Fresh Faces in the Crowd (Upcoming Stars are Cool Too): Sticking to what you know is comfy, but exploring upcoming brands? That’s like discovering a new favorite band before everyone else. Wear it, rock it, and let the world catch up with your trendsetting ways.

3. Endless Choices (Because Variety is Spice): Remember that one time you wanted a Stussy tee, but it was sold out? Annoying, right? By exploring other brands, you’re opening up a whole new wardrobe of options. Say goodbye to fashion FOMO.

4. Limited and Exclusive (For the Treasure Hunters): If snagging Stussy’s exclusive pieces feels like chasing a unicorn, fear not! Other brands offer their share of limited editions and unique collaborations too. It’s like a treasure hunt, and guess what? You’ve got the map!

5. The Underground Railroad of Style (Hipster Alert!): Mainstream’s cool, but the underground has its charm. By venturing into lesser-known brands that share the Stussy vibe, you’re embracing an exclusive club of fashion aficionados. It’s like knowing the secret handshake!

So there you have it. Looking for brands like Stussy isn’t a betrayal of a classic; it’s an embrace of the ever-evolving, dynamic world of streetwear. It’s about keeping the style alive while dancing to a different beat. After all, in the words of someone who definitely must’ve been cool, “Variety’s the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor.” Happy exploring, fellow fashion adventurer!